Life Design. The Journey of Self.

Your Life is Not Feeling the Way It Should?

You feel numb and have lost your inner fire for what you have been passionate about?

Stagnated in the known old ways that have become truly unsatisfying, and you don’t know how long it will sustain you anymore?

You are disoriented in your professional life and in your purpose without a clear path in front of you?

You feel dishonest with yourself and don’t voice what lies heavily on your heart, fearing to create chaos and conflicts with others if you do?

Are you hurting deep inside?

The World Calls Us to Step into Our True Self

It is time to find a way out of confusion that keeps us frozen in day-to-day life and to imagine a new future to grow and flourish anew.

It is time to seek orientation and freshness in our being, to understand who we are, what path lies in front of us and how we can shape it.

We have to embrace our past and re-birth a new self, since our true way of being has been covered by learned paradigms, thoughts, and behavioral patterns over the years.

When we don’t allow us to feel our inner restlessness and agitation in our daily life, it becomes numbness. Numbness keeps us from moving, but not from “functioning”.

Numbness is a feeling. It calls us to listen. Can you hear it?

We need it to become aware of our pain underneath the restlessness. It will pull us to explore our true way of being.  

A Space for Transformation

Who you are and how you show up creates your environment and your world.

In order to make changes, we need to understand how we make decisions, how we act, the way we live our relationships and how we see and experience the world. And we need to find out, if that is how we truly want to show up.

On this journey, it is easier to co-create with a stranger instead of those who are close. They may be too involved to truly support you. It needs that leap out of our known environment and behavior.

  • I will facilitate this leap for you and guide you to understand all that is necessary to heal and to move on.
  • I hear what you want to say even if you do not find the words that can express it.
  • My magic is to recognize the big picture, to grasp interdependencies and causes for the situation you find yourself in now.
  • I create a space with unconditional acceptance for who you have become and for the dreams you want to bring into your life. A space in which you dare to open your heart, become gentle with your woundings, and find inner peace.

Making Change Practical

We begin by analyzing your current situation. This will give you a deep understanding of who you are and how you feel at this very moment.

We look back on your life how it shaped you to become the person you are today, and we will uncover defining, decisive past experiences and conditionings that steered your path.

Since we all are driven by our minds and the outer world today, this step will help you focus and be able to center your perception on your inner world.

In this phase of stock taking, we will look at your lifeline, important relationships, your values and beliefs, your strengths and talents, the dreams and goals you had and how it all played out.

This is where you start from.

Then is the time to move from outer inquiry to inner inquiry. To move from “personal development” to connecting to your true Self.

We will explore how you want to show up in the world in a different way. What quest you want to be on. What world you want to create. What truth is for you.

We will find the blockages and fears that keep you from moving on and heal old wounds.

In this phase, you will re-discover your magic that you have brought into this world. You will find your truth and define your place in the world, what impact you want to have in the future and where you can be of greatest service to the Whole.

This is a very individual phase, and I will create a safe space without judgement honoring your pace and willingness to go deep and let go.

There is no right or wrong in this phase. Whatever is ripe to be seen, will be welcomed with love and acceptance. What wants to stay dormant will not be touched.

At the end of exploration, you have a clear image of who you want to become next and how you want to bring this into being.

Most programs end here. But the real work only begins.

In phases of transformation, it is crucial that someone holds the pure image of you and reminds you of it until the new version of you is integrated into your body and mind and your frequency has risen so that it becomes stable and truth for you.

I will be that one for you. I hold the image of what you want to create for yourself, and I guide you through implementation and integration of the new paradigms, behaviors, and thoughts in your daily life.

Those surrounding you may be supportive but will not be able to see the same picture as you. They will understand it from their perspective, and without a strong purpose or support, we all tend to get drawn back into their version of us.

This is where you become the new you. I will show you how.

My Vision of the World

My world view is one of Unity and Beauty.

In my vision of the world, people know themselves and are gracious to others that don’t. We co-create a world worth living in together and everyone is valued as an individual who brings a precious part and perspective to the whole.

I strive to help you find your authentic self and with it your unique perspective and purpose in this life. Whereas purpose for me is the way you show up, who you are, not what you do.

This is my quest here in this world. To guide those that feel called closer to themselves, and with thus, closer to the Whole.

When we understand that we are a part of a greater picture and that there is a field of unconditional love and acceptance permeating our world, we need not fear ourselves and others anymore and can co-create a new world.

My background in computer science and economics as well as banking may give you a hint that my mind plays a very big role in my life. But I learned not to let it drive it and define its direction, but I made it a helpful and insightful companion on my journey.

You will find practical, scientific, and down to earth perspectives in my work that help you ease into letting go of unhelpful, unloving paradigms without having to make a quantum leap into just believing into multiple dimensions and the underlying consciousness of All-that-is. This is often overwhelming when you come out of a very logical business world which you, same as I, may actually like a lot and don’t want to exchange against a life devoted to spirituality.

Your Personal Transformation

By working with me …

You will be able to look at a problem – may it be personal or professional – from multiple perspectives and trust your inner knowing, your intuition after the mind has done its evaluation. Your decision will be accompanied by an inner peace instead of worrying that you may have chosen wrong.

You will be confident that being authentic and in balance is often more effective than doing and you will be open to trusting that life gives you everything you need without even asking for it.

You will respect yourself in a new way and can be gracious to others who are not yet able to see through their conditionings. You will be able to give love and respect without expecting the other to return it. And with thus pull it to you anyway.

You will recognize that our senses filter a lot for us and that it is in your hands to adjust the filters and see behind the veil. You will appreciate simple moments more deeply and experience more joy in your life.

Are you ready to grow and to step into your place in this world? Then let us talk to make a shift in your life.

Why I Can Guide You

I bring my own wounds to this world. I have been aware of them and work with them for a long time. I know how to embrace my shadows and how to integrate and to transform them into more love to share.

I have a deep sense of understanding – cognitively as well as on a more subtle plane. I see interdependencies in mind and matter, paradigms and actions, upbringing and experiences and thus can forgive what others would deem unjust or maybe even horrific. Everybody has their own journey. And I respect that. Unconditionally.

In my presence, you are fully accepted without any expectations. I offer you different perspectives you may not have considered yet and honor your receptivity and openness to integration..

I know my own truth. Truth makes everything simple.

Let me help you find yours.